Buying Guide: Electric Style Power Washers

When it arrives to electric powered strain cleaners there is only two factors you need to have to choose: which brand, and do you need mild-obligation or medium-duty. Soon after reading through this website page you will know your responses.

Electric Pressure Washer GuideElectric powered Stress Washer GuideElectric washers are the ideal instrument for seasonal cleansing work like your gutters and driveway. And normal cleaning employment like your automobiles and garden tools.

Most jobs all around your property can be accomplished with an electric powered force washer. Yes, a gas washer will to do the greater employment faster, but if you only strategy to clean your driveway as soon as or 2 times a year, then an electrical is ideal.

Typical Warranty

Here’s a listing of what manufacturers offer you what warranties for their washers.

Note that restricted guarantee signifies they are lined towards substantial defect on material and workmanship which occur in the warranty interval.

What does “defect towards material and workmanship” imply?

  • If you use the force washer as per the Consumer Manual and the pump or motor fails inside of a calendar year they’ll repair it or change the entire unit.
  • If any of the structural component break like the handle or body it will be fixed or replaced so extended as you haven’t dropped it from a top or run it above with your car…


All firms go over normal put on objects like the hoses, seals, o-rings, valves, lances and nozzles from defect in substance and workmanship for ninety days.

1-Year Limited Warranty

The brand names that offer 1-calendar year limited warranties on items like the pump and motor are:

  • Karcher
  • AR Blue Clean
  • Campbell Hausfeld
  • Greenworks

Be certain to study the handbook since the guarantee voids if User Manual instructions are not followed.

2-Year Limited Warranty (3-Years With $29.99 Extended Warranty Purchase)

Sun Joe is the only brand to offer 2-year limited warranty out-of-the-box. Nice piece of mind!

  • Sun Joe

They also offer 1-Year on top of the stock 2-years for $29.99. You must purchase the extended warranty within 90-days of purchase.

Warranty Fine Print

If you choose to rent out or use your strain washer for industrial or commercial purpose (see handbook for supposed use) the guarantee will only be legitimate for ninety days.

Features To Look For

  • Does it come with extra nozzles? There’s no doubt you’ll need different nozzles. Watch out for the units that come with them out-of-the-box.
  • How much does it weigh? Most of the units are among fifteen and 35 kilos. Consider observe if a device is 35 pounds but doesn’t arrive with wheels for simple manoeuvrability.
  • Does it have a detergent system? A downstream (soon after the pump) detergent program is quite hand to have. It permits you to use chemical to far more effectively thoroughly clean your car or driveway.
  • A plastic or brass coupling to connect the garden hose? With no a question the most frequent grievance is the plastic coupling to hook up the backyard hose to the washer always breaks or leaks. Be confident to acquire a brass coupling separate if it doesn’t appear stock.
  • Plastic or stainless wand? A stainless-metal wand is a lot more durable.
  • What is the hose and electric cord length? Normally you’ll see 20-foot hoses and thirty-foot electrical cords. Be wary if the device arrives with anything much less.
  • Does it have hose reelThis is a individual preference issue. Some folks detest the hose reel due to the fact they believe it kinks the hose and is cumbersome to use. Other folks like it. It’s up to you – half have them half don’t.
  • Wheels? Does your equipment weight 35 lbs and not arrive with wheels? Most models earlier mentioned 20 lbs . occur inventory with wheels anyhow. Just be aware.
  • Storage onboard for nozzles? Not a have to have but a good to have.
  • What PSI/GPM do you need? When it comes to electrical you’re only limited by the value you are willing to spend when it comes to PSI/GPM. You can devote $2,000 and get weighty-responsibility electrical power or you can devote ~$a hundred and fifty and get medium-responsibility, and even considerably less for gentle-responsibility.

The Different Electric Pressure Cleaning Powers On Offer

Light-duty (Up to 1700 PSI)

  • Great for little employment around the home
  • Cost-effective and mild
  • Restricted power so range of cleaning jobs constrained.

Medium-duty (1700 PSI – 2800 PSI)

  • Most popular for residential pressure washing
  • Great for front stairs, back deck, patio furniture, vehicles, driveway etc.
  • Great value for money as you can pick these up for less than $150.

Heavy-duty (2800 PSI +)

  • When it comes to electric, the price shoots up like a rocket once you get above 2,100 PSI and 1.8 GPM. So the heavy-duty electric units are above $1000.
  • Unless you’re a contractor or purchaser for a warehouse/factory you’ll probably be better off getting a gas powered machine if you want heavy-duty.
  • The main advantage to electric heavy-duty is you or your workers won’t have to refill the fuel several times a day.

The Best Brands


Karcher is one of the oldest, prolonged-long lasting force washer firms in the entire world for a reason. They innovate and boost their product continuously. They offer you gas and electric options. In the electrical sector they have units ranging from gentle-obligation up to five,000 PSI and 5 GPM electrical “Super Class” models. They have it all.

AR Blue Clean

AR Blue Clean is a manufacturer of pressure cleaner produced by the properly-acknowledged Italian pump company, Annovi Reverberi. They provide medium and light-weight-responsibility electrical units at an reasonably priced price tag. They are really common since they match affordable with tough and reliable considering that their pumps are well-created and designed.


Greenworks is the garden and backyard euipment brand of World Instruments Co. These unit are made in China, but produced with enormouse consideration to top quality management on the assembly line. They only provide electric powered electrical power tools ranging from lithium-ion battery run lawn mowers to electrical stress washers.

Sun Joe

Sunlight Joe is element of the organization Snow Joe which arrived into existence making a $one hundred snow thrower. They offer you 20 goods in the lawn and backyard sector.

Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell Hausfeld is a large business owned by the effectively-know Berkshire Hathaway Business. They offer you all types of electricity instruments and are specifically properly-know for their compressors. Their range of strain washers involves 4x electrical and 5x gasoline models.


Pressure-Pro is a comparatively small firm based mostly out of South Florida. They are very effectively-know to American force washing contractors thanks to the custom made created skids and trailers they make. They stick to the skilled market place and do personal label deals to enhance income. They have unmatched good quality according to several contractors.

Great Light-duty Electric Option

1) AR Blue Clean AR118

AR Blue Clean AR118 - PressureWashrAR Blue Cleanse AR118 — PressureWashrThis device is so light-responsibility it doesn’t even want to appear with wheels. But it should not be a dilemma due to the fact it only weighs 12 lbs .. Which is about the identical excess weight as a twelve-pack of beer.

You can also forever hook up it to the wall of your garage or shed if your cleaning jobs are all within get to.

The Best Medium-duty Electric Pressure Washer Option

1) AR Blue Clean AR383 – Most Popular and Best Value

AR Blue Clean 383 - Best Medium-duty Pressure WasherAR Blue Clean 383 — Ideal Medium-responsibility Force WasherWhat’s getting to be a frequent theme is the suggestion of this force cleaner. It truly strike the “sweet-spot” in most peoples’ wants for an cost-effective yet potent enough home-use strain cleaner.

It’s effortless to retailer and move around. It is great for the most common jobs like motor vehicle washing, driveways, back decks and patios and entrance walkways and stairs.

The one location for enhancement described by several is the plastic backyard hose connector. If you make a decision to purchase be confident to devote extra $eight and get the brass yard hose swift join kit.

High Performance – The Best Heavy-duty Electric

1) Pressure-Pro 3,000 PSI 3 GPM Electric

Pressure Pro Electric Heavy Duty WasherStrain Professional Electric Weighty Duty WasherFor about $2k you can get a weighty-duty moveable electric powered pressure washer by Force-Professional.

It has an Annovi Reverberi (AR) triplex pump and 26-Amp induction motor. The equipment weighs 235 pounds and plane-quality aluminium body.

This point is powerful – the kickback from the lance is large so be watchful when first utilizing.


  1. pressure washers selection page.
  2. Pressure-Pro on was used because it has extensive detail on the unit specs and features.
  3. All the brands websites were used to find out the warranties they offer:Karcher, AR, GreenWorks (PDF), Campbell Hausfeld, Sun Joe, Pressure-Pro.
  4. Pressure washer reviews from

Compare Gas vs. Electric Power

For around your house the most inexpensive gas and most expensive electrical strain cleaner match up at close to $250. Here’s the professionals and downsides of every single style pressure cleaner:

Gas Power Washers

  • Simpson Best Gas Pressure WasherPros: Way much more electricity. Far more transportable as not tethered by electrical power wants. A lot more durable as made with a lot more strong factors.
  • Cons: A lot more upkeep. A lot more noise. Fumes. Heavier and even bigger in dimension.
  • See Gas Buying Guide Here

Electric Pressure Washers

  • Best Electric Pressure WasherPros: Much more inexpensive. Quieter. Can use indoors since no fumes. Significantly less maintenance.
  • Cons: Less power. Much less moveable since require electrical outlet. Annoyance of wire. Considerably less tough typically plastic factors.
  • See Electric Buying Guide Here

The Best Pressure Cleaner Brands

Are you loyal to a energy gear model? Have you experienced a negative expertise with 1 prior to? Maybe you have study constant unfavorable force cleaner evaluations for a model? Now’s the time to select best stress washer critiques by model:

Karcher –Inventors of the initial stress washer used in Europe. Offer you a vast-variety of electric force cleaners.

Generac – Well-known gasoline electrical power washer maker. Identified for their selection of residential use gasoline strain washers.

AR Blue Clean – Most common electric pressure cleaner maker. Known for their high quality pumps.

Sun Joe – A brand of electric powered pressure washer established in 2004 in New Jersey. Sunshine Joe provides 4 models: one mild-duty and 3 medium-obligation. Their 2030 PSI unit is a very best vendor.

Greenworks/Powerworks – A company that gives only electrical energy products. Acknowledged for their benefit for the funds.

Simpson – Supply gasoline stress washers that are reasonably priced. Simpson actually manufactures DeWalt cleaners.

DeWalt – Recognized for their electricity device assortment. They offer you gas run washers that typically have Honda engines.

Craftsman – A registered trademark of Sears considering that 1927, Craftsman outsources the manufacture of their force washers to Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong.

Ryobi – A brand owned by Techtronic Industries they function as a subsidiary and are marketed exclusively at Home Depot..

Pressure Washer Reviews 101

A strain washer moves water and shoots it through a nozzle toward a soiled surface area. It operates much better than a yard hose for cleaning simply because it can better force filth and grime off and absent from surfaces.

Here’s some phrases and functions that subject when studying the best stress washer reviews on this website:

Terms To Know

  • Gallons per minute (GPM) – This is the circulation rate. one – five GPM is the most typical. Much more circulation equals less time cleansing a certain area. Experts purchase high GPM devices so they can comprehensive a lot more positions for every working day.
  • Pounds per square inch (PSI) – This is the force. 1000 – 3500 PSI is most widespread. It describes the pushing drive, even though the true pressure on the surface area is dependent on the nozzle and how considerably you keep it from the area.
  • Cleaning power (CP) – This is GPM x PSI. It is a frequent time period to describe the total cleaning electricity of a power washer. Strain Cleaner Evaluation Categories That Make a differencer.

Pressure Cleaner Review Categories That Matter

Engines – Fuel force cleaners have engines to power the pump. Engines are calculated by the dimensions of their compression chamber in cubic centimetres (cc). The even bigger the cc the more potent the engine. A common force washer motor is the  Honda GCV190. The 190 refers to the engine being 190cc. Here’s an infographic of how a gas engine works. Some of the best reviews for pressure washers with gas engines you can find here on

Motors – Electrical cleaners use motors to power the pump. They will be described by their Watts or Amps – giving the vitality presented. You’ll see a handful of kinds of motors:

  • Universal (Least $) – Quite gentle and moveable. Reduced expense however trustworthy for small work. Can be quite loud.
  • Induction $$ – A higher quality motor that you pay out additional for but get larger overall performance. Quite peaceful and prolonged lasting.
  • Water-cooled (Most $$$) – Higher cost, much more reliable. H2o cools the motor to improve existence. A feature of an induction motor.

Pumps – Most pressure washer pumps of the residential style use axial cam pumps – a mid-range quality pump. The more costly hefty-responsibility models will use triplex plunger pumps. And the smallest and most entry-stage machine use wobble pumps. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Wobble pump (Least $) – Lifestyle of pump is estimated at 3 several years using it two hrs per weekend. Not replaceable or repairable.
  • Axial (Mid $$)- Daily life of pump is estimated at 2-3x wobble pump.
  • Triplex (Most $$$) – Designed for daily use. Contractor/job-site use or rental should have triplex pump. Life will be further extended with proper care and maintenance. 10x axial pump life.

Hot/Cold Water – Hot water cleans better than cold water. There’s a reason your dishwasher uses hot water… A hot drinking water strain washer requires area temp water and heats it up 140F (60C) with an onboard burner/heating coil. They cost at the very least $1500 much more than cold h2o units. The ideal pros typically have one in their device-package.

HosesPressure washer hoses come in a variety of lengths, diameters, resources and link varieties. The most typical diameter is one/4-inch. Amongst specialist contractors three/eight-inch hoses are far more frequent to allow for the increased flow price of h2o coming from their devices. In phrases of hose substance the most typical is the plastic hose and that’s what you see provided on the residential electrical and several gasoline strain cleaners out-of-the-box. If you want to invest an further $two hundred you can up grade to a polyurethane hose for the best adaptability, durability with much less excess weight to drag close to.

Nozzles – Nozzles spread the water out to vary the area/pressure. There are 7 types of nozzles: A -degree nozzle generates a pinpoint jet of h2o. A forty-diploma nozzle spreads/supporters out the water so it hits the floor above a wider region hence lowering the stress. 1 of the favorite nozzles for stubborn surfaces is the rotary turbo nozzle. It rotates a -degree jet 3000-rpm – supplying it the cleansing spot of a twenty five-diploma nozzle with -diploma jet stress.

Other Attachments – There are 10+ attachments available to help increase the cleaning capacity of your pressure cleaner. The most well-liked is a area cleaner that makes use of a 2 rotating nozzles within a round enclosure to cleanse flat, huge areas significantly quicker. Another include-on is the brush attachment that allows you to push grime and solids off surfaces without worrying about harming them with also higher of jet force.

Why Buy A Power Washer?

Here’s the top 4 reasons to buy the best power washer – the essential outdoor cleaning tool:

Speed Clean  

Next time you’re in the driveway cleaning your car with a pressure washer come to feel excellent due to the fact you’re saving 5x the h2o and ready to clean it 5x faster. In addition to that, you will not have to bend more than to clean the minimal location – just level and shoot with the pressure gun.

Here’s where the “5x” came from:

  • A garden hose provides you with ~8 GPM of water at 60 PSI. That’s 480 cleaning power units.
  • A $100 electric pressure cleaner provides 1.6 GPM at 1500 PSI. That’s 2400 cleaning power units.

So, for $one hundred you can use 5x considerably less h2o and get 5x the cleansing electricity. In the electricity washer reviews we look at all aspects of the pressure washer and brand name to guarantee you are searching at the very best.

An additional example of why pressure cleansing is productive is simply because you can use attachments like a surface cleaner to rapidly thoroughly clean huge flat locations like a tennis courtroom or your driveway. Cell contract pressure washers all own 1 and simply because of it they can full a lot more work for every day.

Save Money

A pressure cleaner helps you to save money in 3 ways:

  1. You use significantly less water so your drinking water invoice is considerably less. Pressure cleansing utilizes considerably less gallons of drinking water for every moment than a yard hose and also completes the job more quickly.
  2. Buying a pressure cleaner is only $100 – $400 depending on the type you buy. Hiring someone to clean your driveway costs $150. Hiring someone to clean your deck is $100. Even renting a pressure cleaner is $80/day.
  3. Trying to keep surfaces clean raises their lifestyle. If you often clean your deck, driveway, grill and other locations of your property those surfaces will continue to be wholesome longer. Have you ever seen an outdated rotten deck that essential to be changed since it was a hazard? Yeah, you can aid prevent anything like that from taking place by maintaining it clear and wholesome.

Deep Clean

When it comes to cleaning surfaces there’s no substitute for high pressure water. Professional certified cleaners use high pressure hot soapy water to clean the toughest surfaces because it works best. You could spend hours and hours chipping away at caked on mud, grease and grime or you could use a hot water pressure washer with the proper detergent like the best pressure washing services providers.

Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

Pressure cleaning your house siding, patio, entrance actions, sidewalks and garage door will enhance your home’s price by up to $fifteen,000. And if you’re arranging to offer anytime quickly it will get a lot more interested buyers to arrive in and have a seem. This is a simple fact in accordance to the Nationwide Association of Realtors. Not undesirable for a few times effort, do not you think?

The Best Simpson Gas Pressure Washer

A startling truth about Simpson pressure washers is they had been a hundred% handmade and assembled for the first 16 years of generation. That is proper – no electricity / pneumatic resources allowed.

Simpson Pressure Cleaning Logo

It wasn’t till 1985 that power tools were launched to support workers fulfill the expanding demand from customers for Simpson stress washers. It was this 16 several years of excessive consideration to depth that developed Simpson’s culture of good quality management that is even now present today.

Simpson now uses state-of-the-artwork tech to generate their devices in a 228,000 sq-ft (4 soccer fields huge) manufacturing plant in Decatur, Arkansas.

They have demonstrated excellence so consistently that companies like DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton trust their stickers on Simpson machines.

You should also know: Simpson specializes in gas powered and heavy-duty cleaning power. They really focus on this corner of the market and so, if that’s what you’re after… Then without further ado:

Here is the best value heavy-duty pressure washer on the market:

“The Beast” Best Simpson Machine For The Money

1) Simpson PowerShot 3,200 PSI 2.8 GPM Pressure Washer

Simpson PS3228-S 3200PSI Gas Pressure WasherSimpson’s PowerShot (this one) and MegaShot (other one that is 3,100 PSI 2.5 GPM) pressure washer models are both best-in-class.

Both would surely be the victor of best value machine – in their own right – were it any other brand. But since it’s Simpson – the hard decision was the PowerShot unit you see on the right…

Here’s why the PowerShot wins:

Commercial Engine – The PowerShot has a Honda GX200 engine with a 3.1 liter fuel tank (around 2 hours non-stop wash time). The engine alone retails for $359.

The MegaShot unit has a Honda GCV190 residential engine with a 0.91 liter fuel tank (which retails for $259)…

…So right there, immediately, you’ve justified the $100 extra you pay for the PowerShot unit. But that’s not all:

Triplex Commercial Pump – The PowerShot has a triplex pump and the MegaShot has an axial pump.

You can expect a triplex pump’s life to be much longer than an axial – no competition.

And the result of a better engine and better pump is the PowerShot has 16% more cleaning power and is more durable, reliable and better value for the money.

More Benefits Listed Here

Trusted By DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton

Simpson licenses the DeWalt brandname and sells some of their units with the DeWalt sticker. They’ve been doing this since 2009 – here’s the press release giving the details. They also do the same with Briggs & Stratton industrial power washers.

This is all the more explanation to get a Simpson. DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton could license their name for use in the force washer vertical to Anybody. Any business would be fortunate to slap these stickers on their device. But they the two selected Simpson.

Why? Since their team of researchers, professionals and engineers in their Licensing and Product Improvement Divisions found Simpson to be up to their high quality standards. Not negative!

Value For Money

Simpson is a properly known model in the cleaning market. But when it comes to marketing in retailers like Residence Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart, DeWalt is a lot a lot more dependable. They are identified to provide quality merchandise and folks are prepared to pay much more, as effectively.
Simpson models with DeWalt badging are close to 2x the price (as Simpson’s units with its possess badging). So when you buy a Simpson: Know that people are spending 2x what you compensated for the identical device with DeWalt’s extravagant yellow branding and sticker.

What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind?

Big Engine = Big Noise = More Fuel Use

To get an idea of the noise level check out this video of it starting up. Notice how the 2 guys can still talk to each other while kneeling right beside it:

There is a purpose the GX200 engine will come with a three.1L gas tank. It wants the gasoline. After chatting to a number of painters who use a pressure washer with a GX200 motor the consensus is that it’ll very last about 2-three several hours of non-end use. That interprets to at the very least 4-five hrs of stress washing due to the fact there is no way you go non-quit with the kickback from the lance and the grip energy keeping the set off. You’ll require rest…

…But still, a Jerry can of gas will be required if you prepare to clean all working day.

Storing Gasoline

It’s recommended that you only store gasoline season-to-season. That means 3-4 months is about as long as you’ll want to store it. Be sure to dispose of it safely. Here’s the American Petroleum Institute Guidelines.

See Full Specs Button

Simpson Pressure Washer Parts

  • Owners Manual. The Simpson pressure washer Manuals are comprehensive and include all the information you need on your Simpson power washer including how to operate it safely, how to store it properly and how to perform maintenance and troubleshooting. Here is the full list of Simpson Manuals online.
  • Replacement Pump. There’s a few options of pumps you can buy to replace the original if required.
  • Pump Saver. Pump saver is an essential accessory that will allow you to safely store the pressure washer in cold climates and over long periods. You can buy it for around $10 at any power equipment outlet.
  • O-Ring Kit. An O-Ring kits are available for hose ends and wand connections. If you find the pressure washer leaks it is most likely a cracked o-ring.
  • Brass Coupler. To connect your high pressure hose or garden hose to the power washer you need a coupler. The go-to for heavy-duty machines is a brass coupler. Out-of-the-box Simpson comes with these but just in case you need a new one they are available at most hardware stores.
  • Extension and Replacement Hoses. If you want to extend the hose by 50 feet or upgrade the original hose then you can choose from a variety of replacement and extension hoses.
  • Wand Extension. If you find yourself cleaning second story windows you’ll want to pickup a wand extension to avoid using a ladder.
  • Nozzles. There are 7 nozzles to choose from including the standard out-of-the-box red, yellow, green, white and the black soaping tip. You can also pickup a turbo/rotary nozzle and adjustable/variable nozzle if you want that functionality.

See Full Specs Button


    1. I learned the starting fact about Simpson Pressure Cleaning’s originins in an industry magazine called Cleaner Times. Here’s the PDF the story about Simpson is on page 40: Cleaner Times PDF.
    2. Here’s an official Simpson video BUT it’s for the MegaShot NOT the PowerShot. However, I am including it here because it gives insight in to the design and style of the Simpson brand.

Best Ryobi Pressure Washer Review

Ryobi is a brand name owned by Techtronic Industries which also helps make Dirt Satan and Hoover vacuums. They have three electric powered and four gasoline pressure washers to choose from. Here we’ll concentrate on the ideal for most of each type and explain to you why Ryobi might be correct for you.

Best Ryobi Pressure Washer Logo

Ryobi Restricted was shaped in Japan in 1943. They started as a die casting company and didn’t shift into energy resources until finally 1968. In the yr 2000 they started selling their power device organizations in North America, Europe and Oceania. The model is now owned/licensed by Techtronic Industries.

The existing electrical power products line contains mowers, portable generators, strain washers, chain saws, snow blowers, trimmers and blowers in equally electric powered and gasoline configurations. You can store for Ryobi in particular person only at The Property Depot and online at numerous marketplaces like Amazon.

The Ryobi electric unit is a small much more pricey than equivalent strain and circulation types from other brand names but which is since they have steel fittings and a greater high quality strain washer hose. So if you want a device that is sturdy and resilient have a appear at the ideal Ryobi electrical for most people.

Best Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer

1) Ryobi 1,700 PSI 1.2 GPM

Best Ryobi Electric Pressure Cleaner
Best Ryobi Electrical Stress CleanerThe ideal Ryobi electric force cleaner for most folks is the 1,seven hundred PSI equipment with one.2 GPM. That may appear like really small cleaning electrical power but it is nevertheless about 4x a lot more effective a jet than your garden hose – even with a backyard garden hose spray gun.

You can purchase it online at Amazon or Home Depot for significantly less than $two hundred with totally free standard delivery in the US. Ryobi is a wonderful selection that rivals Karcher simply because it is generally more affordable but with great competing specs and build top quality.

It comes with a rubber (not plastic) hose, onboard detergent tank and it weights 32 pounds. If you’re in the market for a top performing electric pressure washer then check out Ryobi’s best option at the link below.

Best Ryobi Gas Power Washer

1) Ryobi 2800 PSI 2.3 GPM Honda Engine Power Washer

Best Ryobi Gas Pressure WasherWhen it comes to gas power washers it’s all about the engine and Ryobi has put a Honda engine in their best gas unit. The Honda GCV160 is the standard for medium to heavy-duty pressure washers.

This pressure cleaner is comparable to the medium-duty Generac’s and cost’s in the $300 range. It has a rating of 4.6/5 off nearly 100 reviews.

If you’re in the market for a great gas powered pressure washer and really favor one with a Honda engine then this is a great option.

What Others Are Saying About Ryobi Power Washers

Hunting at the evaluations on is intriguing since there are sixty one five-star scores, 8 four-star ranking, one three-star ranking, one two-star ranking and 5 one-star scores. This is quite telling. Following reading through countless numbers of strain washer critiques of diverse manufacturers the extensive majority of helpful evaluations are the a few and 4-star reviews… But the Ryobi equipment are inclined to just have five-star evaluations and a single-star evaluations.

Here let’s take a appear at what I considered have been the two most valuable critiques:

These words are written by Wingrider from Bethlehem, Georgia in a review on

This review will not sound like a document written by Ryobi the marketing manager.

I made the transition from an Black and Decker electric to this Ryobi gas drive for typical home type projects…….driveway, outdoor furniture etc. For me one of the most interesting features about this model was the ability to adjust the water flow/pressure on the wand which I believe is unique to this model and brand.

Assembly was a snap, set-up instructions clear and concise and easy to follow. Only topic I did not find in the instructions/owners manual is how to change the oil but will get with Ryobi about that when the time comes. Another topic I found in the on-line manuals, prior to the purchase, is the need to use pump protector in this unit. Review of the warranty and instructions states failure to use the pump protector will void the warranty. The solution is easy to use, can be bought at Home depot at time of purchase and is not expensive but glad I noticed this prior to the purchase.

Only suggestion I have for Ryobi, which would make the unit easier to use, is to add a trigger lock on the gun. The gun has a lock out feature to “prohibit un-authorized use” which really makes no sense to me….its a pressure washer not a “glock”! The “kick back” on the wand is reasonable but prolonged use does tax the wrist and adding a trigger lock would reduce fatigue.

Over-all a great unit that has done all I expected and more. Hoping for many years of trouble free service.

Pros: Powerful, Great Engine, adjustable pressure

Cons: no trigger lock

And to show you a slightly more negative review is this one from burrs67 from Wilmington, Delaware also on the HomeDepot website:

The engine is great and starts right up . Plenty of pressure to clean using just the white nozzle.

On the negative side, the wand hose is way too rigid and tangles way too much. The soap hose drags along the ground and comes off the connector.

Pros: Powerful, Great Engine, Easy to Store

Cons: Hose is too stiff and soap hose drags on the ground.

Ryobi Pressure Washer Parts

One of the benefits of getting a Ryobi is your local Home Depot will be able to help you if it malfunctions. The other option is to find your model number and look it up on here. When you click on your pressure washer model number it will take you to a listing of all the parts included in the user manual bill of materials and have links to purchase any parts you need. This is great if you are a small engine mechanic or just know what you’re doing… It will save you money in labour cost by buying the part online and doing the work yourself.


Both the electric powered and gas Ryobi strain washer choices are very good purchases, especially if you are seeking for the safety of having it be exclusive to Property Depot and therefore can get it set easily.

The electrical unit probably seems like way too significantly funds for the cleaning power but you are spending for a few premium upgrades like kink-cost-free hose and aluminium pump.

All-in-all have a seem at the hyperlinks below to see the existing offer price tag and go through the total company listed specs.

See recent price for electrical Ryobi here…
See recent value for gasoline Ryobi here…


  1. I always like to read up on the brand and its history. So for Ryobi I looked at their brand website and also their parent companies website. The best timeline of their history was found here.
  2. The Ryobi Wikipedia page could use some work but it was a good starting place to find reference material.

Best Craftsman Electric & Gas Pressure Washer

Right here we’ll take a close look at the greatest fuel and ideal electric stress washer from Craftsman. These equipment are offered solely at Sears and several on-line marketplaces like Amazon and are very best known for their worth for the cash.

Craftsman Pressure Washer Logo

The Craftsman name was created by Sears in 1927 for mechanics who get excellent pride in their instruments. At the time the vehicle age was in total swing and Sears observed the manufacturer as an prospect to go their main customer-foundation from farmers to mechanics. The move turned out profitable and served make Sears a twenty+ billion dollar conglomerate organization.

These days Craftsman is a extremely effectively-recognized brand name and has been rated the No.1 manufacturer among all American makes in earlier years. Their major selling point is worth for cash. The place you might spend $seven-hundred for a Honda force washer you can get the identical spec Craftsman for 50 percent the cost.

If you’re a big fan of the Craftsman brand then you’re in the right place. Let’s get to it now and see the best electric and gas powered pressure washers.

Best Electric Craftsman Pressure Washer

1) Craftsman 1700 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Cleaner
Best Electric Craftsman Pressure Washer

The best Craftsman electric for most people is their 1,700 PSI machine with a steam cleaner attached. To me it seems interesting they would attach a steam cleaner to a sub $200 machine when most others with this hot water functionality are $1000 plus. It makes me wonder about the quality of the components.

Let’s assume it works as advertized for now (then we’ll talk to some real users) then the steam cleaner will help you make quick work of dirty patio furniture, gross garbage bins and small outdoor concrete areas that have algae and other grime. With the same unit without the steam these jobs would take twice as long. Just think about if you washed your plates with cold water.

So the ranking for this equipment on Sears website are combined. This is a Chinese-created device and it looks the good quality handle may be a small reduced than what it could be. Individuals have discovered it challenging to put the equipment together when it arrives. But other individuals have called it “an remarkable stress washer, straightforward to use, and straightforward to move about.” There is one thing for certain and that’s that you are acquiring a good deal of pressure washer for the price tag.

Best Gas Craftsman Pressure Washer

Craftsman 1700 PSI, 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer w/ Steam Cleaner 50 States by Craftsman

Best Gas Power Craftsman Pressure WasherIdeal Gasoline Power Craftsman Strain WasherThe greatest gasoline engine Craftsman energy washer is the 1 with the Honda engine. The motor is the crux of a gas washer and Honda engines offer you unparalleled dependability.

You can see it pictured there it has two wheels and a fold down handle for effortless storage and relocating it close to from task to job. It has a storage spot in the handle for the stress washer hose and nozzles and wand and spray gun. It weighs fifty two lbs

The Honda engine is the GCV 160cc engine which is about as loud as a little gasoline garden mower and should last you three-four hrs of uninterrupted force washing. On the Sears site this is currently the most common Craftsman pressure washer you can check it in additional element there at the url below.

Craftsman Power Washer Parts

The great thing about purchasing a well-liked brand name like Craftsman is it is easy to discover parts if you require to. Sites like, and have every part you could need for a Craftsman force washer: fasteners, seals, valves, filters… And all for a low value that you can get sent to your door. You just need to know your model variety and that ought to be sufficient to make certain you get the appropriate portion.

Craftsman Pressure Cleaner Pump

Over I discuss about the Honda motor being the crux of a fuel pressure washer but what about the stress washer pump in the gasoline and electric powered designs?

The fact is in terms of full cost of the pressure washer the pump is not as expensive as the engine. Once you know your model number you can visit to find the replacement pump for your machine. It will not be worth repairing the pump as it is more affordable to do replace it.

Craftsman Power Washer Hose

The power washer hose that comes stock with Craftsman washers is a 25-foot plastic hose that is not very flexible. You can upgrade to a 50-foot synthetic rubber hose that is easier to deal with for $50-70. Just make sure you have the correct connections.

Craftsman Pressure Washer Manual

Your machine will come with a User’s Manual that you should read before operating the machine. If you need to find the manual online then you can find all the Craftsman manuals here at Inside the manual you will find all the maintenance requirements and assembly instructions to make starting to use your pressure washer quick and easy.

Craftsman Power Cleaner Troubleshooting

If a dilemma occurs with your equipment be certain to check out the troubleshooting area of the consumer handbook. The five – ten most typical issues can generally be solved by creating a small adjustment and what that is will be detailed in the troubleshooting section.


To be perfectly honest I would stay away from the electric Craftsman units and instead, if you’re in the market for electric, checkout the Karcher or AR Blue Clean machines.

But if you’re in the market for a gas machine the Craftsman with the Honda engine is a great buy. It is affordable and has replacement parts available everywhere if something needs replacing.

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  1. For a full history of the Craftsman brand Sears has put together an archives website detailing the history of their business here.
  2. Full details of the Craftsman lineup of pressure washers can be found on the official brand website here.

The Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Let’s just take a look at the ideal Sunlight Joe electric powered strain washer, examine three crucial but constructive consumer reviews of it and discover out the $10 improve you need to make…

Sun Joe Pressure Joe Logo

Have you ever experienced an idea for a much better way to style or make a item but donenothing about it? I know I have…

…Well, Solar Joe’s founder experienced an thought. But as an alternative of undertaking practically nothing he acquired it created and founded Snow Joe, Sunshine Joe’s sister division, to sell it. Joseph Cohen was 17. His “idea” was a trustworthy snow thrower for below $one hundred.

Now, much more than ten many years later, the firm has twenty items throughout the lawn and backyard garden sector – strain washers included.

Here’s a movie of the “sweet-spot” stress washer they offer:

Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer Option

1) Sun Joe SPX3000 2,030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe 2030 PSI Electric Pressure WasherThe Sun Joe Pressure Joe is a powerful unit for the price. Combining its PSI and GPM you get 25% more cleaning power than the #1 rated AR Blue Clean AR383.

You also get a stainless/brass force wand instead of plastic and it comes with five quick connect spray nozzles.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful electric pressure washer for around your home then the Sun Joe is a respectable option. Be sure to upgrade for $10 to the brass coupling to connect the garden hose. It’ll be displayed in the Frequently Bought Together section just below the Sun Joe listing at this link:

What Customer Have To Say

The three-star testimonials tend to be the most thought out and valuable. The 1-star reviews are likely to be hateful without having any genuine opinions. And the 5-star are likely to just be gushing love without having ANY constructive comments.

Here’s a handful of excerpts of the most valuable evaluations:

“It works pretty good, but”

Review by Warren Redlich (Albany, NY) on

While working with it, it fell over forward. The minimal force of this lightweight thing falling forward caused the hose to dislodge from the body and ripped through the cheap threadings in the nozzle piece that connects the machine to the hose.

My thoughts: Upgrade for $10 to the brass coupling. It will appear as Frequently Bought Together during the buying process.

“Its an ok power washer”

Review by Jc on

I bought this to clean 10 years of dirt off my house. The unit itself is nice and seems to be well built. The detergent container lids are frustrating to close sometimes. The unit is just not powerful enough to remove hard core dirt on vinyl siding in an efficient way. It worked if I held it about 1/4 inch away from the surface but that is not feasible for doing a whole house. This unit would be sufficient for cleaning driveways and doing light work but if you have some stubborn caked on dirt it might not cut it.

My thoughts: Most pressure washer brands actually recommend a heavy-duty unit for house siding. So Jc’s experience is perfectly understandable. The Sun Joe is meant for smaller less intensive cleaning jobs like patio furniture, vehicles and your driveway.


Review by Alan L. Weaver on

Don’t get a cleaner with a reel up on the hose, they use a smaller cheaper hose! This one is great.

My thoughts: This is actually an important point. A thicker/stronger hose would be harder to roll up in the reel. As such, maybe some of the reel washers have to compromise and use a less sturdy hose so it easily winds up?


Solar Joe has carried out a first rate job listening to buyer opinions. They have room to enhance but for the most element have succeeded in making a sound electric powered force washer.

As you can see from the testimonials over, they have some downsides but they are not offer breakers. You can eradicate the most typical issue by spending $10 to improve from plastic coupling to brass.

All-in-all there is some solid competition atop the electric pressure washer medium-duty category. This one, the AR Blue Clean, the Greenworks one and the Campbell Hausfeld unit. If you want the most powerful unit out of them all then the Sun Joe Pressure Joe is your go-to machine:

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